Enhanced Mainstreaming MAT-Coalition.

Coalition to emcee a solution to significantly reduce OUD (Opioid use disorder) overdoses and deaths with legal safe drugs by MAT (Medically Assisted Treatment). Zero cost to Patients with OUD for 1 yr. Illicit Drug Dealers beware you can’t beat Zero Cost. Illicit demand decreases, supply decreases. Deaths Decrease!!!

OUD is a healthcare issue and this time Doctor’s and Pharmacist can be on the right side of this issue and treat those with OUD. Stigma decreases. Awareness Increases. 

MAT not Jail or Death.

Doctors, Pharmacist, Healthcare providers, Police, Law Enforcement, Recovery supporters, Educators, Anti-Addiction Advocates and related various non-profits, Coroners, Moms, DADS, Grandparents and Leaders…..

On Behalf of Those that lost their Lives to OUD and deceptive Fentanyl…..

Be a part of the light at the end of the tunnel…..